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Slot Gameswith a Fantasy Theme

Many believe that the gamer subconsciously chooses what type of slot to play based on his or her preference for a music genre. The gamer is already living in a fantasy world to some extent, that of hope of winning big, so it seems logical to add fantasy to the design and story of the game as well. And many companies have done just that. Music in slot games might not reach the level of Final Fantasy X, but it’s the intention that counts.

Fantasy Realm

Created by Cryptologic, this was one of the first games created with a fantasy theme. While the graphics may be somewhat basic and not as visually pleasing as modern day games, the slot itself still has a large fan base.

Maybe this is due, in part, to the fact that this slot was based on the movie series Mayhem and incorporates many from its elements and characters. Twirling the magic wand, the reels spin. Centaurs, Elf queens and heroic warriors all appear during the game. And if the Queen is on reels one and five at the same time then 25 free spins and a double payout occur.

Orc vs. Elf

Using the latest in graphic technology, Orc vs. Elf immediately throws the gamer into the story of this fantasy world, opening the game with an epic sequence to set the scene. The orc is the wild on reel one, but the elf the wild on reel five, so attention to the game must be paid. Other symbols include unicorns, shields, castles, weapons, and more – all continuing to evoke the fantasy world and fully immersing the gamer inside.

A bonus feature has the elf and orc battling it out with the gamer deciding who will win in order to try to play the bonus game itself; a loss wins only bonus credits. As with the standard slots, the usual features are there – free spins, double payouts, and wilds – the difference being they are themed as further fantasy characters that fit within this specific story.


A different take on the traditional tale of Dracula, this slot game features excellent graphics and an involving storyline that engrosses gamers whilst they play. Developed by NetEnt in conjunction with Universal Studios, this game features beautiful graphics and an eerie yet highly complementary soundtrack to the slot.

Throughout the game, usually simple features or bonuses are all themed with these Dracula elements such as the bats that fly across the screen. These bats group together to make the same shapes seen on the reels, and if they match, the gamer can win big! Free spins occur when the Dracula symbol is on the second reel and the Lady is on the fourth at the same time making this a darker game with high winning potentials.

Dragon Kingdom

With the recent Game of Thrones in everyone’s minds, what better way to engage with the gamer than through a dragon. Adding that fiery element, Casino Las Vegas has added Dragon Kingdom to its repertoire.

With some of the best graphics in recent memory, this game makes it easy to get swept away into a fantasy world as the gamer spins the reels. Sorceresses, kings, and dragons abound in this intense game where symbols pop up amid huge flames and dragons shoot fireballs across the screen. There are five reels in the game, and if a dragon egg falls on the fifth reel it will split open, the emerging baby will shoot flames at the last symbol, splitting it and giving the gamer an extra symbol on the reel. The scatter symbol is shown as the dragon kingdom, and let’s not forget that the green dragon can be used as a wild card in any round of play.

All these games have one thing in common, and that is escapism. What better way to win and be removed to a fantasyland whilst doing so? Fantasy slots are increasingly more and more popular and with their stunning visuals evoking music and immersion into the stories, it is easy to see why.